Unexpected lessons from exploration

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For Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, and non-Portuguese explorers alike, their voyages were more or less shots in the dark. These intrepid travelers set out with lofty goals in mind, aided by some funding and supplies which in some cases proved insufficient. Little did the explorers know, the journeys would be met with attacks, delays, letdowns, but ultimately discoveries that proved significant (like the Pacific Ocean) even if they weren’t part of the original plan.

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In search of Muggle Magic


A few weeks ago, after being given abrupt notice to leave the West Village apartment I was living in, I packed my bags and decided to take a break from New York City, working remotely as a solution. I did not have any particular destination nor duration set in mind, just the goal of temporarily disappearing to focus on the business and myself – things which go hand in hand. And, of course, to do so within a certain budget. Fortunately, thanks to miles tickets and AirBNB, I ended up in Spain, and now Portugal for less than it would have cost to maintain my old living situation in Manhattan. Beyond that, traveling in a way that I have never done before – in shared accommodations, without google maps, and completely solo – has proven to be yet another new and enriching learning experience (though admittedly, at times, painful).


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It never stops

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Landed in New York last Tuesday at 10pm. Unpacked a little, read over questions for a tech chat for Silicon Dragon the next day. Attended speakers’ luncheon and promptly entered food coma…cut out early to nap before the actual event. Snoozed twice before rushing to midtown to make it in time for my slot. Did 3 TV interviews and then went on stage. Wore hat to cover up bad bangs, threw on some makeup to look alive. Executed tech chat with no major glitches. Stayed afterward and met a gazillion promising contacts. Success.

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A Brief Respite

Moment of rest on the Dragon's Back Trail, Hong Kong.

Moment of rest on the Dragon’s Back Trail.

Dragon's Back Trail, Shek O Country Park, on the way to Big Wave Beach.

Enveloped by the Shek O Country Park wilderness.

Escaped the city for a couple hours over the weekend. A girlfriend and I did the Dragon’s Back Hike in Shek O Country Park. Having the scorching sun beat down on our backs was (kind of) worth it. We were greeted with clear blue skies, lush greenery and 360 views of a quieter side of Hong Kong as we power walked from Shek O Road to Big Wave Beach (also known as Tai Long Wan). We wrapped up our cardio-charged morning with boozy ice pops and shisha sticks before hopping on a mini bus back to civilization.

Heading to Singapore this morning. Some exciting things in the works so keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram for instant updates!!

xx Ling


Espresso overload

According to the DSM-5 aka the bible for all things mental illness/disorder/health related, caffeine intoxication is recognized as an official pathology now. I didn’t think it was possible, but after inadvertently consuming a QUADRUPLE-ESPRESSO’s worth of coffee a few days ago in Vietnam, I was able to personally verify this was indeed the case.

credit gluttonous traveller

Locally grown  coffee beans at Phuc Long in Ho Chi Minh City. Credit gluttonous traveller

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